Tuesday, 8 May 2012


THe China Post


Stella Dawson and Nick Edwards

The China Post, May 8, 2012

Reuters -- With the United States struggling through a soft patch and Europe battling recession, China may come to the rescue by demonstrating a resilience that would provide comfort in a sea of economic uncertainty.

China, the world's second largest economy, is looking ever more vital to maintaining global economic momentum, and a raft of data to be released this week is expected to provide fresh evidence that its economy bottomed in the first quarter and is starting a gradual turn upwards.

China posted its weakest growth in nearly three years in the first quarter, with gross domestic product expanding 8.1 percent. The slowdown in growth coincided with deteriorating economies in the eurozone and the United States, China's two largest trading partners.

That combination stoked concern that China, too, could weaken, frustrating a shift away from export-driven growth toward domestic consumption, which economists view as essential to putting the global economy back on a solid growth path.

China's growth has from China is even more important after mixed data from the United States in recent weeks, highlighted by a disappointing jobs report for April. Job growth slowed to 115,000, the third straight month of deceleration.

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Yacine Haas said...

China is going to take over the US in the next 5 years may be, however it looks like like the EU crisis and that of the US, is somehow slowing down China's exportation trends, which is impacting its GDP but not that much at the moment, as long as China understood the potential exportation niche within African countries. Nice article by the way !!!

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